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Blueberry Cove Beads Subscription Box – HGG 2015

Blueberry Cove Beads

Blueberry Cove Beads is a monthly subscription service sending you lovely beads every month to help you make something wonderful! You’ll get a wide selection of beads for $27 a month ($22 plus $5 shipping.)

Disclaimer: I got the following product in exchange for my honest review. No further compensation was gained in writing this post of making the video.

Snapshot 1 (12-20-2015 7-13 PM)

This box is the Scandinavian Christmas inspired with a great mix of snowflakes, Christmas trees, pretty colors (blue, red and white beads) and just an amazing assortment of pretty things that made me so happy to see!
Snapshot 2 (12-20-2015 7-14 PM)

You can check out the unboxing video for my Blueberry Cove Beds box! You can see better everything that came in the lovely little box.

Overall, I think that the Blueberry Cove Beads box is a great subscription box if you want to get into making jewelry or just love beads. Subscription boxes are so neat don’t you think? Often you get things you’d probably never think to buy for yourself, or maybe you’d see and you just… aren’t sure. So then you get them this way and figure, well.. why ever not?

In this box, I love the silver snowflakes, and the red white and blue beads! I hope I can create something very pretty soon thanks to Blueberry Cove Beads! :3

Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic Pellets Review

You know I like to do arts and crafts. I’m not like the greatest most crafty lady of all time, but I do like to do things I’ve never done for the sake of creativity.

Polly Plastics allowed me to try something new that I’ve wanted to do for some time now!

Disclaimer: Lucky girl me, I got to try these for free in order to facilitate this review. This post also contains affiliate links.

Polly Plastics
So when I heard about moldable plastic pellets that you melt, you know I had to look into that!

There are a few different brands out there, and though I got one brand for my birthday (that I forgot to use) I was able to review Polly Plastics and I had some fun making a few things with them. Though I want to try and make more things… ahh yeah… 😀11221950_10155852556560343_4712013560668351007_nWhat you might not yet know is I am a GIGANTIC DORK. I’ve always wanted pointed elf ears, but… I’ve never bought any after the first ‘cheap’ $20 pair I bought at a costume shop that… really sucked to be honest. So I went ahead and tried out making my own with Polly Plastics. They didn’t look too bad. You can see above my attempt at a first ear. That was when I was still in the process.

Yea, having hot plastic put up against my ear was uncomfortable at first. But it wasn’t like it was COMPLETELY still clear and melted as I used it on my ear. I actually molded it mostly by hand before working on softening up the plastic to try and get them to fit. I still have a bit of a way to go, and they’re kind of heavy, but not too heavy that they’ll be uncomfortable to wear.

I will need spirit gum to make them fit on my ears though, and I need a headband to REALLY put my hair out of the way because it was annoying having to try not to get it stuck in the soft plastic.

The water in my tap comes out at 120* at the hottest, and one minute in the microwave takes it up to the 160* degrees that Polly Plastics needs to actually melt enough to be usable. The instructions say >140*., and we learned that 140* wasn’t enough. Ah well… It annoyed Kat but I was able to figure out that the water just wasn’t as hot as it could be. Once we got past that little mix up, everything was all good!

I’ve seen that you can use meltable plastic pellets such as Polly Plastics to make fangs, but I was unable to get it to work well when I tried it for a couple of seconds… because Risi then got into something and I had to put my crafting stuff away for then.

I think the next time I try and make something, it will likely be a unicorn horn or something else equally as awesome. Who knows, but I wish I would have had these when I was making the laurels for Kat’s Rainbow Dash Gala dress that she wore for Halloween a couple years ago.

It would have made that entire process easier, and less likely to be too heavy, fall off her head, and then break. Uggh, that was heart breaking. All my work on that costume! lol.

I’m super thrilled with Polly Plastics, and can’t wait to see what else I can make with these. 😀 Have you ever tried something like that? If so, I’d love to see what crafts you’ve done!


You can buy Polly Plastics at Amazon. 🙂

Keep them busy! Summer Crafts for Tweens.

Summer crafts for tweensSummer can lead to the “I’m boooored” complaint! Here are some awesome summer crafts for tweens that they are sure to love!

1. Duck Tape Suitcase

2. Patriotic Patchwork Hairbows

3. Wacky Balloon Balls

4. Pool Noodle Hopscotch

5. Beach Board Game

6. Duct Tape Flower Pens

7. Mod Podge Yo-Yos

8. Easy Painted Wooden Sign

9. Decorative Straw Frame

10. DIY Button Picture Frame

11. Confetti Vases

12. Stained Glass Butterflies

13. Hama Beaded Bracelets

14. Inside Out Emoji Magnets

15. Foliage Crowns

16. DIY Phone Cases

17. Embellished Notebooks

18. Braided Hair Barrettes

19. No-Sew T-Shirt Fringe Bag

20. Fingerless Glove Arm Warmers

21. Super-Sized Pixel Wall Art

22. Bow Bracelet

23. Recycled Blue Jean Beads

24. Pyramid Stud Hairpins

25. Mini Blue Jean Purse


Do you have any summer crafts for tweens that aren’t listed? What do your tweens like to do?

Easy Dollar Store Craft- DIY Bloomed Flower Candle Holder

This easy dollar store craft is perfect for ambient lighting at a party or just to put in any space to add a touch of warmth and prettiness.

Dollar Store Craft Idea - Blooming Flower Candle HolderMy first Tutorial Tuesday in foreeeeeeeeever! I really have got to stop slackin’!

Sometimes, craft inspiration comes from the most unusual places. I saw a video on Facebook of someone using part of a plastic water bottle, plus some plastic spoons to make a pretty lamp. I decided to do my own take on it, but I didn’t want to use a lamp that had to be plugged in.

While I was at Dollar Tree recently picking up some birthday bags and other little things, I remembered that video.

Then I realized that this was the perfect dollar store craft idea!Dollar Store Craft Idea - Blooming Flower Candle Holder

For this craft you’ll need:

  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glass Bowl
  • 96 Plastic Spoons
  • Battery Powered Tea-light.
  • Scissors
  • Candle
  • Lighter


The Glass Bowl, Plastic Spoons and Tea-light are all from my local Dollar Tree. You can buy bags of 48 plastic spoons there, putting the total price for this craft at $3.50 +tax. The tea-lights come in a pack of two, so I only count half the price per. I already had the glue gun, sticks, scissors, candle and lighter.

You might be a little confused on why you need a candle and lighter. Or maybe you get it already.

Cutting plastic spoons is not a good idea unless you soften the plastic! Trust me, I tried and had plastic spoon bits and heads flying off randomly. Not a good idea. Plus the shards were annoying as heck. No no, there had to be an easy way to get this craft idea to work out for me. Without plastic shrapnel!

This first part will require patience, a well ventilated area… or heck, do it on your porch. It STINKS!018

You’ll want to hold your spoon over your candle but only melt right where it is starting to bend into the head of the spoon. Like it shows at the picture. Once your spoon head starts to ‘bow’ and the neck there is soft enough, you have to pull it out of the flame and give it a quick cut.

Don’t worry if your spoons aren’t perfectly cut or straight down there, it really wont matter.


016 Once you have all your spoons ready you’ll start at the very top of your bowl/dish. You’ll go around in rows. You’ll put the base of your spoon head (the neck area) for each row starting in the ‘gap’ of the row before it. Layering it. I tried to show in the picture (I actually had to take mine apart because I forgot to do pictures!)



Okay, so the picture at the side should give you a good idea of what I mean. You’ll be doing this for every row. Just remember they don’t need to be super tight as you don’t want them to overlap each other as they’re side by side. You’ll be doing pretty even rows to be honest.

After awhile, and tons of hot glue, your pretty blooming flower candle holder will be ready to use! Pat yourself on the back! It was time consuming but now you have a pretty dollar store craft!

Dollar Store Craft Idea - Blooming Flower Candle Holder

One note, DO NOT be stingy on the hot glue, otherwise you’re just going to be fixing this sooner than you’d like. So much sure you have enough hot glue to really get them on there. You’ll be gluing the necks on, and don’t worry if it’s kind of ugly under the flowers. No one has noticed the amount of glue I’ve used for each spoon head!

Dollar Store Craft – Blooming Flower Candle Holder.

I’ve considered using colored spoons, but they’re much more expensive. Another idea is perhaps painting the inside of the bowl with watercolor paint to give this some color. I could have also tried spray paint, maybe. I don’t know. My mom suggested the battery operated tea-nights with the colored flame, so that would probably be the EASIEST option here.

In the end I decided I like mine just how they are, no color needed. In the end I was pretty pleased with my simple, but pretty dollar store craft.

Free Spiderman or Pikachu Valentines Day Candy Bar Wrapper Printable!

Hey guys! I used to do a whole lot more creative and crafty stuff, and I am trying to get myself to get back into the habit and remember how to be… well… me who isn’t stressed out and feels like she has no time or willpower to do anything like that. You know? Fun stuff, crafty stuff, even if it’s stuff that no one else really cares about… ahem

Like Spiderman or Pikachu wrappers on full sized candy bars for Valentines day.

Anyway!Spiderman candy bar wrapper and Pikachu candy bar wrapper

Back in 2009 when I had only Kat and Sisi in school, I did special Valentines Day wrappers for their Valentine! We used regular sized Hershey’s bars… the ones with Almonds or maybe it was the Cookies and Cream type… well, I remember it fitting both anyway. I took off their names, and the original date for the Pikachu one, the Spiderman ones didn’t have the year just the name. Then I thought I’d share it with anyone who might be interested! They print two per standard 8 x 11 inch piece of paper. 🙂

The girls were pretty happy, and they said that their friends loved them too.

You can easily download them right here!


SpiderMan Valentine Candy Bar Wrapper

Pikachu Valentine Candy Bar Wrapper

I hope you enjoy! I can easily change the background color on the Pikachu (or Spider-man) if requested. Let me know if anyone wants me to do that. 🙂


My First Sculpey Dragon

One thing I’ve owed Kat for awhile now has been time just sitting together and doing some craft or another. I get so easily wrapped up in everything I have to do here and there that I rarely take the time to just do something one on one lately. I hate that I do that too, because I don’t want the kids to feel like I don’t want to be around them. You know?

A bit ago we decided we’d sit down together and take the time to just make things with Sculpey. She’s a million times better at it than I am, because her big birthday present from me was 45ish (maybe more, maybe less) colors of Sculpey!!  She had bought herself a pack of different colors before, and seemed to enjoy working with it so much that I figured it was a good idea.

I was right, it really was a good idea. She’s made some really amazing things for us. She’s made me a mermaid, a dragon and a jelly fish girl! I will have to show all of those in a post later all about her awesome Sculpey creations!

Anyway… it was her friend K’s birthday (she turned 15!) and since Kat was going to make her something, I figured that was a good time for me to actually sit down and make something with her like we’d been talking about. So.. since K’s nickname here is Dragon, because she likes dragons, I went ahead and made her a sculpey dragon! Her favorite colors are Silver and Gold, but she also likes Blue.

I’ve never done anything like this before, so there are a lot of points I don’t 100% love… but… yanno.. what’re you gonna do? It’s my first attempt.

I used nail art gems for the eyes and the gems on the tail. 🙂 Silver Sculpey is pretty awesome! But I almost used half a 2oz package just to make the dragon. @_@;;

So, what do you think?


Imaginista Tape Style – HGG 2014 Featured Review!


Disclaimer: OrbFactory sent us this Imaginista kit in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are our own unless otherwise specified. Thanks!


The ORB Factory has lots of different brands and Imaginista just happens to be one of them. Imaginista products are fun, fashionable craft kits that are sure to please! I decided on the Tape Style kit this year (last year we did a Plush Craft kit for Lisi!) as I wanted something that would fit for Sisi. I remember she wore a simple duct tape bracelet for awhile until it pretty much was falling into pieces, so the Tape Style kit looked best!100_4224


Sisi has her own unique style, she loves zebra stripes, black, white, red, dark blue, and generally a bit more funky and different than more ‘mainstream’ type styles for a 6th grade girl.

Recommended for ages 8+ I know that the Imaginista Tape Style kit will be perfect for 11 year old Sisi. The kit comes with four different duct tapes, some elastic string, gems and instructions.

They’re not just written instructions thankfully, but step-by-step color picture instructions that will make it far easier to understand what to do, and get you on your way to crafting your own awesome duct tape jewelry!


100_4319 You can buy the Imaginista Tape Style kit as well as many more awesome kits from ORB Factory by visiting their online shop!


I plan to buy Sisi some extra gems to throw in her stocking to go along with her kit, as I know she does like a bit of sparkle in her accessories.

I think this’ll open the door for a new craft she can enjoy and will likely need to be buying some more awesome duct tape patterns and colors in the future.

ORB Factory even offers some smaller kits perfect for stocking stuffers in their online shop for only $4.99 USD.



I want to note that the ORB Factory doesn’t just focus on girls, they offer some products that are more ‘boy’ style if you were. They have Curiosity kits to make a Lava Rock Volcano, Pulsar Powerballs, or make your own Super Sonic Rockets!

You can follow the ORB Factory on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news on their amazing lineup of products!

There are so many great things to choose from in their vast range of products, you’ll have no problem finding something that suits many kids you know ages 3+.

Do you kids like craft kits? What are your favorite craft kids they’ve used before?

Felt Carrot Tutorial

Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from

It’s been pretty much forever since I did my felt banana tutorial, and I planned to get out more tutorials sooner… but… well… sometimes I just fail and life catches me unable to really get allthe things done I ‘want’ to get done.

You’ll want to start with a pattern, I made a simple one that you can use. Just click the thumbnail and print it. It’s really that simple. You’ll see how single it is to make a carrot like the one above!

You will need the following:

  • Orange or Yellow Felt
  • Green Felt (whatever green you want really…) really, you only need a palm sized rectangle, it also does not need to be a perfect rectangle!
  • White thread, or you can use matching thread to your play foods, really I haven’t had any trouble using white.
  • Scissors
  • A needle or sewing machine
  • Polyfil/Fiber fluff/felt scraps
  • This Pattern ->Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from

Just like in my previous tutorial you can click the thumbnails to get a better idea of what you need to do for each step.

 Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comAfter you’ve cut out your pattern, fold your carrot in half and sew up the open edge. You can either do this by hand using a backstitch, or just a basic straight stich on your sewing machine. As you can see, I didn’t exactly do I good job making the stitching perfectly straight. Carrots don’t need perfection, they’re all sorts of shapes and sizes you know?



Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comOnce you have sewn completely up the sides and you have your carrot tube, turn it inside out. You’ll need something to help you push through the thinner parts of your carrot. A chopstick or knitting needle works well, as does an unsharpened pencil or pen with it’s cap on.



Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comNow fill your carrot with the Polyfil or whatever you have decided to use. Start slowly, as you’ll really need to work your fluff down into the thinner parts of the carrot. The same thing you used to push your carrot right side out works here to help you get the fluff down the right way.




Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comNext you’ll want to gather around the top of carrot with a simple running stitch, pull it closed and add more filling if you need to.






Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from







Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comPull your carrot shut tight, and keep it tight as you can, using a spare finger to hold the thread tight.





Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comYou’re going to sew the top closed by going from one gathered bit, through to another one, as you see in the picture to your left. You continue this around until you feel the carrot is securely shut enough.




Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comEventually the top of your carrot will look like this. Yay! You’re done if you don’t want a carrot with any green on top. Which means please knot your thread off very securely.




Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from<- This picture shows the carrot if you just leave it as is, no green top.




Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comNow you have a green rectangle, good good. I just picked up a random piece of brightish green felt and cut out a rectangle roughly the palm of my hand. I didn’t bother using a pattern, I just made it very basic. It’s not perfect, but again… Carrots are natural and they’re all sorts of shapes, so are the green plant parts! ^_^



Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comRoll your rectangle up along the long ways, by that I mean roll from one short part down to the next. You’ll only want to worry about keeping the bottom tightly rolled really. Then you’ll place your needle through your edge/end and out through the other side.





Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from Now take your needle down through the carrot from one gathered top point through to another. Go up into your green leafy point at a different spot, and out through the opposite side again. Continue working around the top of the carrot and the rolled bottom part of your green top until your top is secured to your carrot.

Make sure you tie off your thread tightly when you’re finish, give it a good triple or quadruple not for added security.



Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comFor younger kids I recommend you stop here. You’ll have a nice little rolled top part for your carrot and no small little string parts for them to try and tear off. I’ve made these before back when Lisi was 1 1/2 and 2 and we still have our original ones holding up just fine. For older kids, you can continue to give the carrot a bit more personality!


Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from See what a cute little rolled top the carrot has? Perfect for little hands and should hold up super well. Like I said above, we have some felt food that is 6 1/2 and 6 years old!!






Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from For older kids you can take your scissors and cut down little strips through your green rolled top. They don’t have to be totally perfect again, just try and keep them about 1cm and don’t go all the way down. Leave at least half an inch of rolled green fabric uncut towards the top of the carrot.

And there you have it! Your own felt carrot! It takes longer if you do them by hand, but doing the side up by machine and going from there by hand will greatly reduce the time it takes. 🙂



Next.. you can have your goofy 11 year old take a funny picture with the carrot. Because? Well… 11 year old’s are nuts? 😉 J/K! I love you Sisi Bear!!
Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from

Of course Pika had to get in on the action. Yes, he’s stained… he’s about 6 years old now!Make your own felt food carrot - tutorial from ohayookasan.comThank you for reading my tutorial!! I really do hope it helped.

Darby Box Review


Disclaimer: We received one box in order to facilitate our review, no other compensation was gained for writing this post.


I’d like to introduce Darby Smart! A newer box to the ‘Box Market’ that features crafting supplies to do your own projects.

Darby Smart was launched in June of 2013 created by Nicole Farb, who had trouble at times duplicating projects on Pinterest, usually because she didn’t have the right tools and materials to recreate them.

Darby Smart helps leading influencers (across fashion, décor and DIY) launch their design ideas. Darby Smart began with 10 designers and now has a yearlong designer waiting list!

I was excited to find Darby Box on my quest for interesting subscription boxes to review. Since I like to do crafts, but often fail to do them because I also don’t always have the supplies. Or think about what to do and then completely forget one thing or another, I knew that Darby Smart was a great box for someone like me!


My awesome Darby Smart box came with bamboo cutting boards to do wood burning on. Now, I haven’t done wood burning since I was Sisi’s age. That was about 19 1/2 years ago. Yikes, so I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to do this very well. Granted I only did a very small project back then (5th grade and all..) I have wanted to do wood burning again. So what fate that I would get such a box!100_3296

Two cutting boards, the wood burning tool (that has four tips), instructions and a stencil that I didn’t end up using because I wanted to put my own design on it.
Since Kat was recently doing craft time once a week with my mom, but she had to stop due to my mom ending up needing to baby sit my sisters kids on all the days the kids and I were getting grandma/mom time, I figured I would take over and do something with Kat. So she got to do one of these cutting boards herself.100_3297

Of course we got instructions as well, on the back of the card you can see above.100_3299

I forgot to take pictures of our practice board, but we did get a piece of practice wood that we both tried out. My design above is based on a tribal heart tattoo but modified for my tastes. I was excited but nervous to give the project a go… Kat jumped easily right in though, and added one of her characters to her board!100_3300

For a first timer I think she did a great job, it’s her own little design and I hope something she’ll keep and use even when she’s all grown out and doing her own kitchen stuff on a regular basis.100_3301

With a (one day shy of being…) 5 month old I had no choice but to work in very slow chunks on my project. Above you can see some progress of my design, before I made some mistakes that caused me to have to make a few alterations.100_3321This above is my end result, you can see a couple of places I messed up so I had to try and go with it. In the end? Not too bad, I wish I would have had more time just to myself to get this done in one go and without feeling rushed… but what can you do when your a mom and you’ve gotta take care of a baby?


The Darby Smart boxes start at $20 a box, depending on project, and come with everything you need to do whatever craft you pick! The above box was the March To DYI For and I couldn’t have been happier to get to try it out! The Monthly To DYI For boxes are $19 a month and are limited supply. But so worth it!


Free Halloween Crafts eBook

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Also included in this haunting handbook are Halloween decorations that will amaze trick-or-treaters. The eBook has easy step-by-step instructions for many Halloween crafts like Superhero Capes (page 10), Goofy Little Monsters (page 29), Foam Animal Masks (page 16), Monster Snot (page 30), Kooky Candy Corn Softie (page 33), and tons more!