Wordless Wednesday – 4-23-2014 – Sisi’s art

  For being only 10 1/2 I think Sisi is pretty damned talented. I know I couldn’t do art like this at her age. I also am not nearly as good at drawing creatures as she is! Here are some of Sisi’s works she likes the most. Read More »

Wordless Wednesday – 3/5/2014 – Kats Drawings

*whisper* Yes yes I know, it’s supposed to be wordless. But today I am featuring some of Kat’s favorite works that she has done. Enjoy! Note some of these drawings aren’t shown in their full size, you can click them to view them fully if you are at all interested in doing so. What do you think? I should have ... Read More »

Blogtober #8 – A self portrait


I’m not really sure what to do for this one, the prompt is just a self portrait. Do they want me to take a recent picture self portrait? Because I’m not really so thrilled with my appearance lately. So maybe just an old picture?   I guess if all else fails, I can just post that one. It is a ... Read More »

Simple Skin Correction – Photoshop Tutorial

Now I used Photoshop CS5.1 for this tutorial, however it may easily work with other versions of Photoshop. This is for minor corrections and now things like heavy blemishes or anything like that. This just smooths the skin a bit more and gives more of an ‘airbrushed’ type look I guess you could say. All images can be clicked to ... Read More »

Wordless Wednesday – Pastel Works


Read More »