HandsOn Gloves – HGG 2016

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It’s no secret that we have a fair few cats. It’s also no secret that we have a fair few kids. Which mean things often disappear at the worst possible times. Like… both of our cat hair brushes. HandsOn Gloves

So I was pretty intrigued when I saw these HandsOn Gloves!

They’re gloves (duh) that allow you to pet your furry family member while also helping groom them and take care of shedding fur. So far, about 5 of the cats don’t seem to absolutely hate them!

I wasn’t sure what to think when I first saw them in person. They didn’t really look like they’d be comfortable, and I was actually worried that they’d feel awful with my texture issues and I wouldn’t be able to use them.

Thankfully, they feel alright as far as being gloves. They’re not gross on the inside, and as long as I’m not playing with the outer part, I’m alright texture wise.

Cookie ended up being the one cat who loves these HandsOn Gloves the most, not too surprising, he looooves being pet, and the cat hairbrushes too. Var really loves using them, which gives him more time petting the kitties and finds a way for them to enjoy time with him. He’s usually a bit too energetic as far as the cats are concerned. So having these and having him go gently with the HandsOn Gloves on, is really a win/win for him and the cats!

Have you ever tried something like this for your animals? You can even use them horses!

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