Belly Buttons and Babies Review – Holiday Gift Guide 2013

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I love to try new gentle scents of products. Being gentle is the number one thing I have to worry about because Cid has very sensitive skin which means that Risi could easily have it as well. Anything I buy even for myself has to be something he can use/touch without having a massive skin reaction.

So I was excited to get to try Belly Buttons and Babies lotion and body wash in the Cotton Candy scent. Now, I love the way cotton candy smells, but I don’t like to actually eat the stuff. So this was a good thing for me, perfect scented product!

The products from Belly Buttons and Babies are made using natural and organic ingredients, are free from petroleum by-products, and contain no artificial fragrances and dyes! The perfect thing for a baby, and for Cid’s sensitivities.

I love the Cotton Candy scent that we got, and the company also offers other great scents as well! Ginger Lime, Lavender Chamomile, and Orange Blast! I am planning to try the Orange Blast some day when we are done with our Cotton Candy! I love the smell of oranges (but will only drink pulp free orange juice, go figure, and no I don’t eat oranges. :P)

The scent used in both the lotion and shampoo/body wash we have are just perfect. It’s there, you can notice it, but it’s not this overwhelming smell that just makes you want to put the bottle down and go ‘oh heck no!’

Risi seems to enjoy the smell of the lotion and shampoo/wash as well, and so far I haven’t noticed a single skin issue with either her or her dad.

This is a great product, and I highly recommend looking into the offerings Belly Buttons and Babies has not only for babies, but for yourself and older children as well.

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