Introducing Our New Kitten, Cupcake!

On January 18th I saw a post on a local Facebook group for animals that someone had found a kitten. Now, the kitten was severely thin, and badly injured/infected in one of its eyes. As you all know I am kind of a n animal lover, more so with cats. So the idea of this kitten, suffering, and in need ... Read More »

Sephora Makeup Review


  One of the things I’ve always wanted to try was makeup that it seems everyone talks about… Sephora!! But the price tag has always kind of… well… made me worried. You know? What if I didn’t like what I tried? I am so happy that I was sent some Sephora to review, honestly I was sent some really amazing ... Read More »

Danze Bathroom Faucets

One thing I’ve wanted to do since we’ve moved in here, even though we’re renting, is changing out bathroom faucets. I changed out the downstairs shower-head due to the fact that we needed something with a hose so it was easier for Kat to shower after her surgery (she had to sit on a shower chair, so having one with ... Read More »

Why I’m Happy My Son Is Medicated For ADHD

  For reasons that before were simply pegged as immaturity, his grades were dropping. Paper after paper, simple things I KNEW he knew how to do, yet there they were. Simple mistakes, careless mistakes. “He can’t sit still,” his teacher would say. I know, I know. I’ve seen it, trust me. I’ve lived in the past 9 1/2 years. I know ... Read More »

Rock N Learn Educational DVD’s Review

  Rock N Learn educational DVD’s are a great and fun way to help your kiddos learn!  I got to try out the above pictured DVD’s  and the Multiplcation Rap DVD with my kiddos and they’re wonderful! Var has a little trouble with multiplication, and the Multiplication DVD is teaching him and getting him up to common core state standards. Disclaimer: ... Read More »