This Morning

Today is proving to be a difficult day here. I got to bed at 12:15am, was woken up at 2:20 by Var who had gotten sick (thrown up) and then Risi woke up at 2:30. After taking care of Risi’s immediate needs until 3:05 I went and checked on Var, thinking surely Risi would get some rest. After making the upstairs toilet stop running (it likes to sit there and make noise until someone goes in and adjusts things in the tank, ugh…), I checked on Var. Poor hun, :( I unplugged his nightlight and closed his blinds fully after covering him up… and then got the cats out of his room.


She's cute and worth all this exhaustion... they all are.

She’s cute and worth all this exhaustion… they all are.

I got back downstairs here to go bathroom myself and head to bed, but ohh.. Risi had hiccups and was up again. Darn! Burped her again, fed her some more, and tried to get her back to sleep and at this point I needed tylenol and ibuprofen (even though it makes my brain foggy and me feel really just strange as heck!) due to the massive muscle knots I have that keep pinching nerves and making me really hurt. She was sleeping on me so I laid her back down, warmed up the Warmables heat pack for my neck, took meds and got water. Nope! Risi decided she was actually still hungry… yaaaahhhh… @_@;;;

I finally got her to bed at 4am, rewarmed the heat pack and sat on facebook while I waited to feel better because I couldn’t lay down feeling that awful. Risi seems to know when I am just laying there in bed attempting to sleep and it makes her fussy. :/ Lisi was the same way back in the day!
I finished my cup of water and reheated the heat pack a couple of times before finally laying down at 4:55… Then Cid’s alarm clock went off at 5, I waited to see if he was going to get out of bed so at least I could say good morning. But for some reason he didn’t get out of bed, I thought he hit snooze. 5:10 rolled around and he still wasn’t out of bed and his phone hadn’t gone off again. Darn it, neither of our snoozes go beyond 9 minutes in length!

So at 5:13ish I woke him up, and made his breakfast (okay so he has oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast) and coffee while he got dressed. I figured well I’m already up so I might as well just drive him to work instead of having him walk.
I got him to work at 5:53 (he starts at 6 and it doesn’t take him long to be ready to work so this is fine) and went to Albertsons (it’s between his work and the house) to get him more oatmeal and applesauce since we’d forgotten applesauce at Walmart last night when we went shopping. Got home at about 6:02 (I’m awesome) and decided… screw it, my alarm goes off at 6:50 anyway to get Sis and Lisi to school in time for theater group today (it’s Tues and Thurs mornings at 7:30) so there is no point in sleeping!

Risi wakes up shortly before I’ve got to head out the door with Sis and Lis, so I feed her, change her and head out the door with those three while Kat gets ready for school and Var is upstairs still sleeping. Roomie is on the couch just sorta chilling and watching… Get home from getting those two to school and have to try and find my hoodie since I’d somehow lost the freaking thing after I got home from Albertsons, derp. -_-;; As I didn’t find it I just grabbed my actual winter coat and ran out the door.

Get Kat to school and get home, find my hoodie as I am setting down Risi’s carseat. Awesome. Now Risi is waking up in my arms to probably finish eating, and I am exhaustedly running on 2 hours of sleep. Sadly, I can’t even go to bed just yet as I have an appointment at 10:10 to see how I am doing on my anti-depressants now that I’ve gone back to my normal dosage. I’m doing fine emotionally for the most part, I still have moments of sadness but they’re moments and I’m not on the verge of hurting myself or anyone else. This is all good!

How is YOUR morning going? :P

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  1. fee
    December 3, 2013 at 9:25 am

    Sheesh what a morning for you! I hope you mange to get some sleep at some point today, it’s no fun running on such little sleep even if you dont have kids buts it’s ten x worse when you do. Hope the rest of the day is better x
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  2. Daisy
    December 3, 2013 at 11:28 am

    What a day! I hope that you get to rest soon. Being sleep-deprived is the worst!

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