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Wordless Wednesday – Very Var – 6-10-15

*whisper* Today’s Wordless Wednesday post is just Var! Okay okay, and one with Ris too because it’s the two of them. Shhhh…. This is part 3/5 of my kiddo themed WW’s! Please enjoy!  

Wordless Wednesday – Sisi Style! – 6-3-15

*whisper* Today’s Wordless Wednesday is all about Sisi! This is part 2/5 of my WW’s with kiddo pics! Eventually I’ll do one of me and one for each kitty! Woo hoo! Enjoy!  

Wordless Wednesday 6/11/14 – Risi and the Mini Donuts

  Krispy Kreme mini donuts, are perfectly Risi size!!! 😀  

Wordless Wednesday – 2-26-14 – Current Crafting Progress

Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday! Today is crafting share time!   That’s it for what I am currently crafting. What about you? Are you working on any crafts right now? Kat Crafts! A little over a month ago Kat and…

Wordless Wednesday 2-19-2014 – Christmas

Christmas time! It’s good to celebrate the season and spend time with friends and family alike. Here are some images of our holiday. Well mostly Wordless Wednesday! I realized I never shared pictures from Christmas this year! So.. without further…