Wild Turkey Gang

Turkey Tuesday

update: had to edit the html just to keep the video from being funky on the front page… Read More »

Turkey Tuesday

This was actually taken not that long ago! March 22nd to be exact! Yes, late March and still snow fell! Ugh. Stinky snow, stop coming already! *shakes fist* I had just rounded the corner up the street on the way home, and noticed these guys walking through the yard here. I still feel compelled to stop completely, make sure no ... Read More »

Turkey Tuesday

I don’t have tons to say today really. Spring break seems to drag and I’ve really got to get a work on my homework… Uwahhhhhhhh @_@ Soo… Enjoy some Turkeys! Read More »

Turkey Tuesday #2

I can never really help myself from stopping the car to take whatever picture of these guys and.. gals I’m sure, that I really can. I also can’t resist trying to do “Turkey-speak” at them when they’re walking along making all sorts of little turkey noises. They’re adorable! Yes, I do realize that I can be insanely dorky. Then again, ... Read More »

Turkey Tuesday #1

Gobble Gobble! I figured I have so many pictures and stories of the WTG (Wild Turkey Gang) that I could make them a weakly thing for a bit! And then whenever I manage to get more I can put that up as well of course! Today’s WTG update is from back on January 26th actually! I’d just taken the kids ... Read More »