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Turkey Tuesday

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update: had to edit the html just to keep the video from being funky on the front page…

Turkey Tuesday

 Share on Tumblr This was actually taken not that long ago! March 22nd to be exact! Yes, late March and still snow fell! Ugh. Stinky snow, stop coming already! *shakes fist* I had just rounded the corner up the street…

Turkey Tuesday

 Share on TumblrI don’t have tons to say today really. Spring break seems to drag and I’ve really got to get a work on my homework… Uwahhhhhhhh @_@ Soo… Enjoy some Turkeys!

Turkey Tuesday #2

 Share on Tumblr I can never really help myself from stopping the car to take whatever picture of these guys and.. gals I’m sure, that I really can. I also can’t resist trying to do “Turkey-speak” at them when they’re…