Wordless Wednesday 12-17-13

Wordless Wednesday : Mommy-napped!



The importance of your dogs’ food

*Feeding your dog the dinner it deserves* There are many different types of dog food on the market for pet owners to choose from. In one sense, this is great as it means people should be able to find the…

Cookie and the baby kittens


Last week on Wednesday I called in to have Cookie set up for an appointment for his neutering. The receptionist pulled up my file and then goes “oh I have some kittens, do you want to take care of them?”…

Introducing, Cookie!

My Cookie 'Hat'!

I’d been considering a new kitten for awhile now… well okay, about 2 months anyway. But I wasn’t really finding a cat (I was going to rescue) that would really fit well in our home. Most were listed as ‘don’t…