Temptations Holiday Dinner Treats – Limited Edition #ChewyInfluencer

One thing I love to get for the cats is treats. Granted, cat treats aren’t as cute as dog treats usually, I still like to look anyway.

Chewy.com has a wide variety of food, treats and other things for pets. Including certain limited edition products like these awesome Holiday Dinner treats from Temptations.

These are Turkey & Sweet potato flavored treats, with a crunchy outside and soft inside. They’re even in festive holiday red and green!

Temptations cat treats - Limited Edition Holiday Dinner

Of course, with lots of cats, buying treats requires buying a fairly large size of package. You can find various flavors of Temptations treats on Chewy that are in this 16oz size. Not just these treats. 

These treats had cats surrounding me the moment I opened the container. Before I even got the inner plastic seal off the cats just knew I had something they wanted. Even a couple of my treat picky kitties were interested in these yummy delights.

In the first round of giving out these Temptations Holiday Dinner treats I had: Kimi, Squee, Tori, Shadow, Cookie and Midnight around me begging for yum. 

Kiim in particular likes to eat treats directly from your hand. Granted you’ll end up with a somewhat drooly hand in the process. Which is alright if you don’t mind just washing your hand. I love the kitties, drooly hand fed treat times or no.

I didn’t detect a particularly strong scent about these treats,and they offered the same quality and happiness in the cats that usually comes when I buy Temptations treats. Shadow is picky about treats in general, and Temptations now has two flavors he’ll actually eat a couple of!

Do you have cats that only eat certain treats? What do you usually feed your kitties as a special something?

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