Personalizing with Pom Pom Wow – Review

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I know I know. I said I’d do this a bit ago. :/ I did not get the chance to edit the video yet for the Pom Pom Wow unboxing Lisi did. I updated to Windows 10 and have all sorts of fun problems with my computer and am just sort of sick of things at the moment.
Pom Pom Wow!

From the get go, Lisi was very excited to get to decorate things in her bedroom with the Pom Pom Wow! She decorated a couple of things for me, but I thought I uploaded the picture and didn’t. Now I can’t find any of the things… I’ve rearranged and cleaned and that means I tend to lose things for months at a time. >.> Does anyone else do this? I swear to goodness it’s annoying. 

Risi was actually very interested in the Pom Pom Wow kit too! She loves running her fingers over the soft fuzzy pom poms and I’ve had to keep a couple of the cats from eating them as well. Which… can be a little annoying. Still, they haven’t shown too much more interest than batting around loose pom poms!

Lisi got the Decoration Station and Ultimate Variety pack, so she got to decorate a fair bit, and still has more Pom Poms to play with.

With the Pom Pom Wow! Decoration Station, you get to create custom pom poms. You choose from six techniques to decorate them yourself. You can tie dye, glitter, water color, just really customize the pom poms for a very unique experience to maximize your decorating! It was fun to see what Lisi came up with, I actually played around with some myself. I liked doing water color pom poms myself!

Have you ever played with Pom Pom Wow by Maya Toys? They’re fun without the hassle of making pom poms with yarn yourself. Which I’ve done, but it takes awhile and can be messy. These sets give you just about everything you need to get going and decorate with fun fluffy Pom Poms! I highly recommend this kit for kiddos who love crafty kids. The 10-12 range seem to enjoy them a fair bit. Plus Risi, who’s almost 4.

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