MunchPak Unboxing and Thoughts!

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Disclaimer: We were sent this MunchPak in exchange for our thoughts. Opinions are those of myself and Risi, my almost 4 year old. I’m also using an affiliate link.

MunchPak time again everyone! As before, we were sent this box to try out! Risi and I enjoy getting to do subscription boxes like this together. Let’s see all the snacks we got, the assortment was great by the way!

MunchPak Original

Our MunchPak Original. We ate some before taking the picture. Sorry!

I swear I need to write down what we’re eating while we’re doing video without it being awful. Though you can see above we got a yummy assortment. My favorite were the two different wafer with chocolate type treats. One was peanut and I believe the other was hazelnut? Either way, delicious!

Risi and I decided the Mama’s Waffle things with Dulce De Leche were so much better warmed up than they were straight from the package. Just about 8 seconds in the microwave was enough for us.

The kids really enjoyed the sweet and sour laces candy, I only really liked the blue raspberry.

I still do not like pizza flavored chips. >.> Risi does though. Enough that she ate a few more from the package anyway.

In my usual fashion I did an unboxing video and it feels almost redundant to talk about things in writing when there is a video seriously right here. XD So since I’ve talked a little at least I do want to show the video!

You can find out more about MunchPak at their website and they have multiple box sizes and shipment schedules. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Plans are cheaper if you get multi-month plans, here are the prices for month to month payments.

Mini – 5+ full size snacks at $12.95 a month.

Original – 10+ full size snacks at $22.95 a month

FamilyPak – 20+ Full size snacks at $42.95 a month.

Shipping is FREE within the united states. Woah.

They also have a fantastic customization survey that let’s you pick what kinds of things you like and want in the box. They do cost extra if you use them though. $1 for most, and $5 if you want to add a drink.

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