Fun Mixes From Trixi’s Treasures

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Trixi’s Treasures is a mix of treats that you can customize for your occasions or just try out some of their best sellers and favorites.

We were sent a rather sizable assortment of things that are best sellers. It was really need to get to try something like this. Supporting smaller businesses is important and I really enjoyed seeing what the company has to offer.

Trixi's Treasures

We received a total of 8 different items to try from Trixi’s Treasures, and two of them weren’t mixes but still cool things none the less. We got some salted caramel treasure charms, and a bunny with no real information on it. The bunny is white chocolate with…? I’m not sure what was inside to be honest.

I love the cute little names they’ve given each of the mixes. Though I am admittedly still confused on why the 3rd one pictured from Trixi’s Treasures is called “Japan”ese Sweets & Treats. I get why “Eat”ster Sur”prizes” is named what is it, but.. the “Japan”ese one really threw me off.

That said, of the three pictured above I loved the Toffee Crunch Brownie Brittle with Treasure Mix, and The “Eat”ster Sur”prises” from Trixi’s Treasures the most. Risiel pretty much wanted all the chocolate eggs and pretzels from the “Eat”ster Sur”prises” mix. That was okay, at least on the chocolate part, but I did nab a few pretzels. Though I did like the Japanese candy included in the “Japan”ese mix, I think it had the Japanese Tohato “Caramel Corn” stuff that I don’t like the texture of.

Hokkaido Yubari Melon wafers = yummo.

Bugles = yummo.

Tahoto “Caramel Corn” stuff = meh..

To be honest, looking at the Treasure Mix suggestions you can find at The Trixi’s Treasures website, I would really love to try out a custom made mix and see how something I imagine comes up.

Next three up are Jalapeno Poppers Treasure Corns. Which Var tried because he likes spicy in that variety, he liked it alright.

We also had Salted Caramel Shantelyn Krisps, which Risi REALLY loves. I loved the pretty designs a fair bit! They call them caramel chocolates, but maybe they’re caramel white chocolates? As I didn’t really get a “this is chocolate” feel off of them. I did like the crunchiness about them.

“Sweets” Sensations was nice, the treasure mix seemed to have the Tohato caramel corn again so we avoided that. But I did like the fruit candies.

Overall I would say that it’s mostly my pickiness that kept me from liking everything I got from Trixi’s Treasures. Not to sound ungrateful or anything. I’m rather surprised to see they have 97 different Japan Treats and Treasure Mixes to be honest! I need to try more of those. 🙂

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