EsianMall Snack Box Unboxing Video + Review~!

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esianmall snack box

Disclaimer: We received the following box in exchange for review, no further compensation was gained for writing this post.EsianMall snack box

We got another subscription box of yummy Asian snacks- We were sent the EsianMall Snack box, in Medium size!

Like I mentioned above we were sent this for review, and we did get the video up about a week ago. Since I unboxed on video I did not get a picture of the contents and there isn’t one on the website. Darn.. Sorry guys! The picture above isn’t so great.

Here’s a little bit about the box…

EsianMall offers a Mystery Tee pack, Snack or Beauty Box.

The EsianMall Snack Box also offers a nice detailed quiz and asks first if you’re male or female, gets into the types of snacks you like, and even what geek items you’re into.

They offer three different sizes:

Mini – 3-6 items $14.95 + $3 S/H for the monthly plan

Medium – 8-10 items $24.95 + $5 S/H for the monthly plan

Deluxe – 12-14 Snacks+Surprise $34.95 + $6 S/H for the monthly plan

We received a fair few items this time, and not just from Japan! This time we had some yummy Korean snacks. On top of that, we got a simple little DIY candy too. The DIY candy was just some soft candy that you kneeded and put into a little lollipop mold. Risi still enjoyed it, though I wish the molds were a little bit bigger. They’re meant for children of course, so with larger hands like mine, I felt like I didn’t do a good job making the candies. Risiel didn’t care. 😉

The EsianMall Snack Box is supposed to have some sort of character merch or another, both times I’ve gotten the box these have been rather small items that are a bit.. eh. This time I got a Deadpool sticker, so that wasn’t bad at all!

I actually finally found a Japanese gum that didn’t have a texture that went weird and.. silky? too fast for my liking, plus the flavor and packaging was rather nice! It is the Fits Grape gum that came in this EsianMall Snack Box!

I would say really everything I want to get across is mostly seen in the unboxing video. This time around, Risiel and I are joined by Lisi!

We would greatly appreciate if you watched the unboxing video, as it’s where we tried out the snacks too!

Do you have any favorite Asian snacks? Doesn’t just have to be from Korea or Japan of course! I’d just love to know what you all enjoy snacking on that’s just not the typical snacks around the USA. :3

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