Bathroom Talk – Squatty Potty Review

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Did you know in some countries squat toilets are the standard? No joke. They’re actually even shown to help you go #2 better.

We were sent a Squatty Potty Ecco and a Porta-Squatty.

Squatty Potty Ecco

Totally using their photos because my bathroom floor is ugly and going to be replaced soon so you don’t need to see that yuckiness.

I will admit it took me awhile before I got around to taking the Porta-Squatty anywhere. My purse is already full as is and I don’t really carry around a diaper bag since Risi hasn’t been in diapers during the day (she still has some night trouble) for oh man.. awhile now. So I wasn’t sure I wanted to carry the thing around with me.

Still I set up the Ecoo pretty quickly. Which by set up I mean I took it out of the packaging and put it in the downstairs bathroom. Since my bedroom us downstairs and all, I needed the Squatty Potty where I could use it most. I have had some trouble with stress and not going #2 super well, which is strange as heck to admit on a blog.

I have to say that the there has been significant improvement in that department. Not always, sometimes I’ll have eaten too poorly or am just too stressed and issues happen still. But it’s not like you can expect sitting in a different position on it to be an absolute miracle. Though it does come pretty darn close!

Another thing we received in our Squatty Potty trying kit/set is some vanilla spray you put in the toilet before you poop. It has gold in it even. It’s called Unicorn Gold Spray. I’m not kitten! It’s Vanilla and Tonka Bean scent, and is non-toxic, has gold nanoparticles and essential oils. It smells lovely, but I keep forgetting to use it because I can’t just leave it where Risiel can get it. So it’s up and then the whole “out of sight out of mind” happens.

This stuff smells amazing. It works well too! When I remember to freakin use it!

I should totally be keeping this in my purse for those awful times I have to rush to a store bathroom though!

Oh I should also mention the adorable unicorn crown and funny “I pooped today!” pin we got. Which is strange for me so I’ve never actually had to put it on, because usually I poop multiple times a day, just not when I’m too stressed or sick as often as I’ve been this year. I swear I’ve been sick a little over half this year which means not enough fluid, not decent nutrition and yeah it’s caused some problems the Squatty Potty has helped me with.

I don’t know if any of the kids are using it. I know Risi will use it to help get on to the big toilet. I honestly don’t know if Aussie needs it because he’s tall so he’s long enough legged he probably already sits a bit “squatted” anyway.

Overall I would say that I can’t believe someone didn’t make something like this sooner. I no longer have to pull out a catsand box to put my feet up on when I am struggling to go #2. I just always pull the squatty potty out enough to use it so there’s not that embarrassing struggle at all. I’ve also had a bit less struggles despite being so darn sick lately. Which is nice. I don’t like having to struggle to go.

Have you ever heard of the Squatty Potty before? If you use facebook a bit you might have seen their commercial with the unicorn pooping out rainbows. Yep. That’s a thing! Would you ever use one in your bathroom or on the go?

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