Townleygirl Products Review

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As a mom of five girls, you know we’re pretty much often swimming in all sorts of accessories and things.

I’d like to introduce you to townleygirland talk about what kind of awesome products they carry.

Having been founded in 1952 and are a leader in children’s cosmetics and hair accessories. They partner with Disney, Universal and DreamWorks to create products that aren’t only great but are the safest ones on the market.

Let’s take a look at the awesome stuff sent our way from townleygirl eh?

Disney Tsum Tsum are originally from Japan and are cute little stack-able versions of favorite Disney characters. We were sent a cute nail care set and adorable lip gloss Tsum Tsum set that could be used as valentines/party favorites for friends of your tween/kiddo into Tsum Tsums. I think I like Tsum Tsum characters more than my kids do, but this little nail set is more Lisi’s size than mine. So.. for her they are. XD
townleygirl sets and frozen hairbrush

I love that they include Marvel items now for girls. When Sis was little this wasn’t really.. a thing. So she got a lot of guff for loving Spider-man. I mean, back when she was younger Sis would have been over the moon for spider-man makeup/accessories like this. Though maybe she still would be? This Marvel set from townleygirl features a makeup bag, two lip glosses, and two nail polishes. Ohh, I should mention that these are peelable nail polish. So they’re easy to remove for your kiddos.

If they offered a Spider-man hair brush, I’d be snatching that up in a heartbeat for Bear!

The Finding Dori set above is one that Risi fell in love with, and features sheer lip gloss in four colors, they have a very very tiny tint, some fine glitter, and feature four characters and a little carrying case. 

That’s the little lip glosses in the Finding Dori case. Risi really wanted the blue one first. So we went ahead and let that happen. Townleygirl Lip gloss - Finding Dori

You can just barely see the little hint of glitter, and not really much of the color. Risiel didn’t care, she was just happy to put it on and get to take a pretty picture. XD She’s perfect for this kind of thing!

These Troll Lip Balms from townleygirl are so fun looking! They’re a rainbow of colors that are sparkly and different flavors too! My niece is really into Trolls and Frozen right now. So this set as well as the Frozen hairbrush I had in a picture above are for her. Here’s a little more on this set.

  • Assortment of 5 lip balms, each layered with different colors
  • Lip balm colors and flavors include: red, rose and yellow bubble gum; blue, peach and purple cherry; rose, green and blue watermelon; yellow, blue and orange grape; and blue, purple and red cotton candy
  • DreamWorks’ Trolls packaging

Last but not least is a couple of cute little nail art sets from townleygirl with Emoji characters. Lots of people are really into Emoji’s and such. I’ll admit I mostly use the animal ones and heart ones, but hey, I can see the appeal. Lisi is really into nail art, so I am hiding these to give her on her birthday to be honest. Just a couple of months for that!

The bigger set features toe spaces, two nail polishes, stickers, and a case for it all. The smaller set features five nail polish colors, rather glittery ones too, as well as nail gems and a little stick to help you put the gems on. Super fun!

With all sorts of popular kids characters, safe products and a great assortment of items there’s sure to be at least something from townleygirl your kiddo or a kiddo you know would love. I know these would make great quick grab presents for kids around Lisi’s age!

Do you have a favorite product from the ones above? Which do you think your daughter would like?

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