Endless Curls Barbie – HGG Review

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As a parent of four girls you’d think I’d have more experience with the newest and greatest Barbie toys!

The strange thing is, that so far only Lisi has shown any real interest in Barbie‘s, but that’s okay. I have fond memories of playing with Barbie and Ninja turtles back in the day!

Endless Curls Barbie

Imagine my surprise when the Endless Curls Barbie showed up at our door compliments of Toys “R” Us in order for us to try her out and share our thoughts!!

Disclaimer: We were sent the following product in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts are our own unless otherwise specified.


The Endless Curls Barbie comes with two different curling irons, four hair curlers, two hair clips, three hair bands, and of course a hairbrush and stylish outfit. I was so excited that I wanted to try her out before I let Lisi have at her. >.> Endless Curls Barbie in action

So the idea here is that her hair is super quick to curl, and it requires no heat or cold water. Which is pretty awesome, back when I was younger it would have required ice water or burning hot water in the tools to make them do ANYTHING.

The Endless Curls Barbie‘s hair is supposed to curl in about 10 seconds. Making the process pretty quick over all…

While I found that the 10 seconds does produce some curl, they didn’t stay very long for me at all. In fact, the longer I held it and the more tension I gave the tools the better curl I got. Barbie2

I will admit that my favorite of all the curling tools for her just happen to be her curlers! If I keep them in for a minute, they tend to work the best and keep the curl longest!

I haven’t really had the patience to sit there and hold in either of the curlers. But Lisi has with some pretty great results. The pictures above are from a video I took, but I ended up just rambling far too much for my own good!

The verdict?
Lisi and I BOTH love the Endless Curls barbie! We can simply brush out her hair and start all over, lots of fun to be had getting various different styles!

I do wish there was an option to buy more of the curlers on their own, I would love to be able to have her whole head going at once.

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