My Favorite Child.

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It’s perhaps a bit of a controversy that a parent may or may not have a favorite child.

I know that many are thinking “You have five kids!! How can you POSSIBLY live with yourself saying you have a favorite?!

Pretty easily actually!

Now hear me out, I am not saying that ANY one of them is my favorite for anything in particular. I don’t want any of them to think I favor them, or someone else over them. I feel that way with my parents, but perhaps it’s more because my little sister is more able to ask for favors and less of a recluse than I am. I have to tell myself not to be hurt when mom calls her ‘my chicky’ (I don’t have such a nick name) and tags her in lots of craft type posts on Facebook. >.>  Yea, that’s petty. My issue, I’m working on it.

But I do, have a favorite child.

For certain things.

Yep, that’s right, I favor certain children for certain situations/likes that they like.

Here’s what I mean!

Kat: Is my favorite for shopping the grown up sized clothing for beautiful dresses and things. Things I could never pull off because they’re built for someone model thin and beautiful, where I have a short squaty torso instead of being long legged and long torso’d.. Heck she even has a gloriously long neck. She pulls off this cream (crappy picture, but it IS cream colored!) strappy dress beautifully.

She’s also my favorite to eat Sushi with. Why? Because we both like it enough to agree on it, even if she has trouble deciding what she wants sometimes. We’re able to sit there together and shoot the breeze, and I know she’s going to enjoy herself. Although I’m not sure about Eel… I’ll have to try it eventually. She loves it though!iphone 475

Sisi: Is my favorite to get customs for. She’ll wear them until they just can’t be worn anymore and enjoys every last second of it. If I make costumes I pretty much dread all the work… aside from for Sisi, because I know it’ll be worn until it’s so beyond fixable it’s not even funny.


She also happens to be my favorite to dye hair with, because like me, she likes to change it up and do various things with her hair. She’ll makes up her mind, sits still, and enjoys the outcome even if things don’t go as planned. She’s not always the most easy going, but doing hair with her is awesome. She’s also great to shop with, though dangerous because we both want the same things at the same time. Which often results in my bank account wanting to weep! Hah.

Another thing? We both have this easily tangled, wavy hair, so we understand each other on the struggles of keeping our fussy tresses behaving!Sisi

Var: Being crazy ass random with, and… mustaches.

Yes… Yes, Var can drive me absolutely bat-shit crazy. What with his ODD and being a boy… I am so not a boy by the way. Even if sometimes I feel like I simply do not “fit” as a girl/woman… Var quickly can put my head on straighter. He’s…. so a boy. Sure he may not like most toys in the universe (he prefers minecraft plush, paper crafts, and the game itself.) Making him pretty nutso to shop for… but if I ever just want to watch something that some adults would find stupid (hello Pewdie Pie, and many music video parodies) or just chase around the house for a few minutes while they laugh like a crazy person. Var is my go to kiddo.

Also? He rocks the giant mustache and his over the top energy really makes Risi insanely happy. For a kiddo who didn’t want another sibling, well.. he DID.. but he didn’t want a brother because he’d have to share his room.. but didn’t want a sister because that’s all he has. I’m amazed that he’s taken really well to having another sister!

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Lisi: When it comes to having a kiddo to cook or bake with, Lisi’s my girl. She’ll follow directions and do the dirty yucky parts that I don’t want to really do. Like flour and egg coating the pork for Tonkatsu. She loves to crack eggs, mix things up, and I know I can trust her to watch something if I need to run away from the kitchen real fast for a bathroom break or to tend to Risi.

It’s not that I can’t do the same with the other kiddos… but Risi readily (and insistently) will cook with me, or Cid, or her dad even.

Exploring makeup and doing my Beauty Box 5 reviews.

If there’s something I don’t think I could possibly pull off. Lisi is there with all the willingness in the world to be dolled up and enjoy make-up! One particular BB5 box in question she got most of the box as I wasn’t sure the things were for me. They’re awesome on her, and… when it comes to doing make up or nails, it’s hard not to enjoy it with someone so into it.Beauty Box 5 - April Box Review

Risi: Having a new baby after so long.

Say what? No… really. Lisi was 7 1/2 when Risi was born. I had mixed feelings during my entire pregnancy! Could I handle another baby? Would I get a difficult kiddo like Var? Would I get one that had texture issues and is a picky eater like Lisi?



Aside from a brief time with formula issues and the occasional fussy over tired at night time, Ris is a DREAM baby. I hope she stays as even tempered and sweet. Waking up to someone singing, babbling and giggling is awesome compared to waking to a kid who’s attempt to get me out of bed is screaming like crazy. Oh geez.

She’s also a dream to travel with. Where Var HATED being in the car rear-facing and would scream almost every damn moment in the car, Risi only needed one stop each way on our drive from here to Lynnwood, WA.. and then back again. Also? She’s great for trying out foods with, no real texture issues and she’s all into attempting to feed herself. Though with typically messy results. >.>


So there you have it. My favorite.. and why!

Of course I love all of them with every last fiber of my being, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things about each and every one of them that is unique and that I know I can connect with them on.

Do you have a favorite kiddo in one way or another?

3 comments for “My Favorite Child.

  1. Paula Ball
    June 21, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    I know exactly what you mean. I have 7 grandkids & love them equally, but I have my favorites for different activities just like you do.

  2. Terri S
    June 21, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    What a great post! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Shannon
    June 22, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    I don’t have children but yes I love my animals the best for different things. Like Durn, the avatar. He is my sidekick. He likes to lay beside of me and keep me company. Kimmie likes to sleep beside of me when I go to sleep. Little Bit likes to play and can kill any bug that happens to get into the house. Those are my cats. Spaz is a Netherland Dwarf and she is the sweetest and the prettiest. And Sorcha. She is a dog and she is all kinds of goofy.

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