Newman's Own Organics Treats Review

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Disclaimer: Newman’s Own Organic’s sent us the below mentioned products in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was gained in writing of this post. All opinions are ours, this doesn’t mean you will like or dislike the same things we do. We’re merely sharing our insight. 🙂

Newman’s Own Organics sent us a giant box of various treats to try when they sent us their organic cat food to try previously. The box has taken awhile to get through, as there is only so much taste testing we can manage in a time before feeling a bit overspent. o.O

Now, I took a picture of a lot of the various things we tried, but this is by no means EVERYTHING we were sent. ^_^;; Mainly because, while I swear we took pictures of everything, I can’t seem to find pictures of… everything. :/

Pretzel Rounds:

Lisi – Very good! I love these!!
Var – So salty and delicious!
Kisa – I love the little N on them! A very good pretzel
Cid – I like how they put their ‘brand’ on them, very good pretzel. Nice and crunchy but not too try, not too overpowering on the salt.

Pretzel Sticks:

Kisa – A little too dry for me, I prefer the rounds. Prefect size though, these would be great dipped in chocolate.
Lisi – So delicious I’m gonna diiiiiiiiiiie!
Cid – Same as the rounds, but obviously they’re stick shape. Just as good.
Var – Just the same, but needs a little more salt.

Spelt Pretzels:

Lisi – They’re delicious!
Kisa – These seem like everyday ordinary pretzels, and I do like pretzels! I agree they’re very good.
Var – Nice and salty and good!
Kat – Tastes like normal pretzels *dom* I love pretzels!

Newman's Own Organics

Sour Cherry Licorice:


Cid – I like it, it’s soft. It’s got a cherry flavor, but I like cherry candy.
Kisa – Much softer! I like this one’s texture. Could use more sour though.
Kat – It’s too soft.
Sisi – Tastes too spicy
Var – Liked it pretty well and wanted more.
Lisi – I love it! She ate the entire straw.


Newman's Own Organics

Sour Apple Licorice :


Cid – I like it. Still a little bit of fading, not as bad as the mango one. Chewy, sweat, good flavor.
Kisa – A bit firm still, but I like the apple flavor. Not much in the sour department though.
Kat – It’s delicious.
Sisi – Tates like a real apple! I want more!
Var – Way better than the mango! Way more sour.
Lisi – I like it!

Newman's Own Organics

Sour Mango Licorice :

Cid – Not too sour, but the mango flavor fades quickly. Rather flavorless towards the end.
Kisa – Mango flavor sure, but not sour, very sugary and rough. Pretty hard too.
Kat – I like mango and I like soury, but they aren’t the best combination.
Sisi – Tastes like orange
Var – It’s a little too tart, and not sour. So I don’t really like it.
Lisi – Too sugary, not sour.

Newman's Own Organics

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter cups:


Kisa – tastes a lot better than the dark chocolate.
Cid – Texture is different, but a good flavor. The peanut butter tastes better than the dark chocolate.


Newman's Own Organics

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cups:

Kisa – Just the right balance of peppermint and dark chocolate. Neither overwhelms the other. I ate them all. >.> All for me!!



Newman's Own Organics

Super Dark Chocolate Peanut butter cup:

Sisi – Feels like silk, mmmmm, it makes it better than it has kind of a salty taste!
Var – It has kind of a fruity taste, but isn’t bad.
Lisi – It’s too dark for me!

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups:

Kisa – Not really a fan of the peanut butter. Something tastes strange to me.
Cid – The peanut butter is a bit weird.
Var – It’s like a raspberry Reese’s (what??)

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter cups:

Kisa – tastes a lot better than the dark chocolate.
Cid – Texture is different, but a good flavor. The peanut butter tastes better than the dark chocolate.

Super Dark Chocolate Raspberry cups:

Kisa – I hate fruity centers, but I actually liked this. Very yummy! The tartness of the raspberry filling mellowed out the super dark chocolate.
Bear – Mmm!
Var – *gasp* It’s very very very fruit and I really like it!
Lisi – I liked it kind of.
Cid – I like the raspberry filling, the sweetness helps the dark chocolate.

Newman's Own Organics

Milk Chocolate Bar 34% cocoa :

Cid – I like it. Nice smooth chocolate, I like the texture better than a lot of other chocolate bars out there.
Kisa – I like the Mocha bar better, the taste is a little weird.
Kat – I don’t know, it tastes weird…
Sisi – It tastes the same but, I really like it!

Var – Very good! Nice and creamy.
Lisi – It’s yummy, all of it is good!

Mocha Milk Chocolate Bar:

Cid – Nice subtle coffee flavor, not overpowering, good quality chocolate too. Sweet but still chocolatey, not just sugar sweet like cheap chocolate.
Kisa – This chocolate has a great snap when you break off a bit. The coffee flavor is light, not bitter, and perfectly blended into the chocolate. Very good!
Kat – Doesn’t really like Mocha, so didn’t love it.
Sis – Definately does taste like mocha! After you bite it, it’s so creamy! I want more.
Lisi – Yummy! Tastes like a mocha (our favorite coffee!)
Var – Tastes like really delicious coffee, REALLY delicious!

Newman's Own OrganicsDark Chocolate Bar:

Cid – It’s okay… for dark chocolate.
Kisa – This chocolate has a great snap when you break off a bit. I like dark chocolate, but Sisi loved this most of all.
Sis – Delicious! *She ended up eating the rest*


Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar:

Kisa – Now this is a good bar! I love the mix of dark chocolate and espresso!
Sis – *ate most of the bar* Absolutely love this one! The flavor is perfect. Can we get more?

Super Dark Chocolate Bar:

Sis – Best eaten slowly, but very good!

Orange Dark Chocolate Bar:

Kisa – Mine! I claimed this one right off the bat, one square at a time of delicious dark chocolate orangey bliss!

Newman's Own Organics



Cid – After the first one the spicyness mellows out. Very shocking at first if you’ve never had them! Very good though, nice and crunchy!

Risi – Loves these! Nice and crunchy for munching on when teething.

Newman's Own Organics

Newman O’s:


Cid – I like the cream filling, not as sweet as that one name brand. It’s not as overpoweringly sugary. I like it!
Kisa – Like Kat, I agree these need milk. But so do most cream filled cookies! They’re good, I don’t think they’re exactly the same as the other brand like the kids do though.
Kat – They’re pretty good, best with milk.
Sisi – Tastes like a certain name brand, I didn’t even realize it wasn’t one!
Var – Also confuses them with that one brand.
Lisi – I agree with Sisi, they are them. Right?

Mint Newman O’s:

Lisi – I can’t stop stuffing my face with em! “Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom”
Var – Just as good as oreos that are mint, just a little more minty. They’re awesome!

*Var and Lisi proceeded to attempt to hide them and not allow anyone else any*

Cid – Much like the regular Newman-O’s, these are comparable to name-brand mint-chocolate sandwich cookies. I prefer this texture for the filling, although the cookie part is a bit more crumbly, somewhat dry.

Newman's Own Organics



Cid – I like it! Nice and soft, a little bit of spice but not too much. I like molassas cookies and I like raisins.
Kisa – The taste is good, the texure of the cookie is good. But I can’t do the raisins with my texture issues. So I’ll have to pass. Cid doesn’t mind in the slightest!
Kat – They taste okay, but the texture is not good.
Sisi – The taste and texture is bad.
Var – They taste like raisins.
Lisi – I don’t like them!

Newman's Own Organics

Fig Newman’s:

Cid – Comprible to name brand fig cookies, but I like this texture better. A little thicker and chewy in both the filling and cookie.

Kisa – These are good, like the well known brand. Very awesome!


Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Sisi – Not enough chocolate *gave them to Var*
Lisi – Needs more chocolate, but good anyway.
Var – So yummy, I just want to eat them all!
Cid – Needs more chocolate, but otherwise good. The orange flavor masks the rest of the cookie flavor, but not in a bad way.
Risi – Chews happily on the cookie.
Kisa – They’re yummy, but I wish these was more chocolate!

Regular Chocolate Chip:

Cid – Crunchy, but otherwise still a very good cookie. I would suggest these for anyone who likes that crunchy texture for their snacks.

Kisa – I’ve been secretly eating these when no one is looking. >.> I love them.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip:

Cid – Normally not a combination I’d go for, but with the nice crunchy texture these have, it works out very well. Good blend of the oatmeal and chocolate chip flavors, nicely balanced; neither one overpowers the other, like a lot of cookies of this flavor do.

Kisa – Another one I love, nice and crunchy, good on the chocolate! Perfect combination of oatmeal and chocolate chip.

Ginger O’s:

Would be nice if the package could reseal.

Cid – Thumbs up! Like ginger-snaps without the sugar coating. Good texture and taste on the cream, nice crunchy cookies. Nice ginger flavor without being overpowering. *He ate the entire package on his own!*

Chocolate Alphabet cookies:

Cid – Good quality chocolate, a little softer than the other bagged cookies, but rather nice.
Kisa – They are good for a plain chocolate cookie.
Var – Barely any taste, only a medium chocolate taste.
Lisi – Not very good…


Cid – I’m a big fan of raisins, and these hit the mark. Good texture, good flavor, and the organic does provide just a tiny, but still noticeable, difference in flavor over traditional other-brand-name raisins. I’d definitely buy these.



Kisa – I personally love the Peppermints and Wintergreen mints, even though Var claimed the peppermint for himself. I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon and prefer ginger in cooking. How do you review mints? I like the texture even though I wasn’t sure I would, and I know that these have been well received by all.

Overall? We’ve found some great favorites in the Newman’s Own Organics line of treats! I look forward to eating more of them in the future. I think the pretzel rods will make the perfect dipped pretzels at the next school holiday party.

Have you tried any of Newman’s Own Organic’s treats yet? Which would you be most interested in trying?

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  1. April 1, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    WOW! What a nice box of goodies they sent you! I love Newman’s Salad Dressings and need to try some of their other foods as well.
    Sarah recently posted…My Little SuperheroMy Profile

  2. April 2, 2014 at 12:07 am

    WOW I Never Knew Newmans Had So Many Different Products I’ll Have To Check Them Out & Try Some More Thank You!!!
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  3. April 2, 2014 at 5:08 am

    wow…I had no idea they made treats now! I thought it was just salad dressings! thanks for sharing, now I need to check them out!
    heather recently posted…How to Survive a Produce AuctionMy Profile

  4. April 2, 2014 at 7:33 am

    I absolutely LOVE Newman’s Own! They have such a fabulous selection, and who wouldv’e thought that organic candy and snacks could taste so good! It’s been awhile since I have had any, bit I’d love to get some more of their Mint Newman’s O’s! Yummy!
    I also love their salad dressings, and my cat loves their cat food!

  5. Kathryn
    April 2, 2014 at 8:21 am

    Wow – lots and lots of yummy treats indeed!

  6. Terri S
    June 23, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Great post! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Shannon
    June 28, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    Thank you for your reviews. I really need to try these out.

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