Our Not Yet Christmas and Some Christmas Baking.

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We don’t get to have our Christmas officially until Friday. Why? Because three out of my five aren’t home, they’re with my ex-husband. So we’re not having Christmas until we’re all home. Together.

That doesn’t mean we can’t do anything festive the actual day of. It just means we hold off the biggest part until we’re all together.

Today though, we’re going to my parent’s place to do an adult stocking stuffer party, as well as dinner. Of course Lisi and Risi will be there, mom and dad got Lisi a present for under their tree, so she’ll have a little something too.

The oldest three are having a Christmas at their dads, I’m not sure what all he got them, but he did ask for their list and say he was getting them just some points for their 3DS so they can download games and things. I’m sure his parents sent along things for them as well.

With the new baby (Risi) and the pain I’ve been in, I’ve been behind on so much of Christmas prep anyway. Actually just yesterday we finally put up the tree! It wont even be fully decorated until the oldest kids are home Thursday, which is our unofficial Christmas Eve. I told them I have a special contract with Santa, the years they’re with their dad (years ending in an odd number) Santa wont show up until the night they’re home, so we get our own special Christmas together.

We’ve got almost everything for our celebrations… aside from those packages that sadly haven’t arrived yet. If we’re lucky, everything will be here Thursday before I get the kids so Friday morning goes off without a hitch.

The bulk of what is missing just to happens to be most of Sisi’s list, :/ that is a huge bummer considering her list was rather simplistic and I ordered things a very long time ago.

Anyway, since today is the celebration with my parents, Cid and I did Christmas baking!! Yesterday (official Christmas eve) he made Peppermint white chocolate chip cookies with Christmas Sprinkles, and I attempted to do Baklava. Sadly pain stopped me about half way through so I asked him to come help. He’s never made Baklava before, or ever even touched Phyllo dough, but he did amazing!

Making Baklava

Cid makes Baklava for the first time!

He’s brushing butter on a piece of Phyllo dough with such patience!! I was so thankful to have his help considering the massive muscle spasms I was having at the time. It’s hard to stand there and focus on gently buttering dough when you’re in pain that not even Norco touches!


Ready to put in the oven! What a beautiful cutting job!!


Of course he had to be a show off *teasing dear!* and cut the Baklava so darn perfectly before we put it into the oven. Would you look at that?! Sooo jealous!


No I wasn’t drunk when cutting it, I just suck. 😛

This above was my first attempt at Baklava… though to be fair it was nearly midnight when I was attempting to cut it. >.>  Sure it didn’t look super perfect, but it was AMAZINGLY delicious! So worth making and for my first attempt, not bad!

Peppermint white chocolate chip cookies

I don’t even like white chocolate and I consider these good. Aren’t they beautiful?

Of course before the Baklava he made the cookies he wanted to make. White chocolate chips, peppermint in the dough, and holiday colored jimmie sprinkles!!


Out of the oven, oh my goodness how perfect does it look?!?!

No, I really cannot wait to try this Baklava, beautiful and delicious I’m sure! No dieting until after Christmas this year! Hah!

No Bake Cookies

They look really gross like this huh? I never heard of No Bake cookies until I was living in Washington instead of in California!

Then together we made No Bake cookies! It’s so freaking awesome to have a guy who is GOOD in the kitchen! I mean not just okay in the kitchen, he’s GREAT in the kitchen. He cookies, cleans, and bakes! How freaking lucky am I?!

No Bake cookies

They look less gross this way, Lisi doesn’t remember me making these back when she was 3.

Yummy! They’ll be all ready by the time we get to my parents!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas, and that there is lots of love and happiness in your life today.

Did you do any special Christmas baking this year?

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