Flat Iron Experts Review!

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I got a pretty awesomely filled package not too long ago, a package that came with much more than I anticipated!

This package came from the wonderful folks over at Flat Iron Experts who have all sorts of things and not just flat irons. They have curling irons, hot rollers, brushes, wax warmers, hair extensions, nail polish and so much more! I highly recommend giving them a look-see when you’re looking for beauty products.

My package  came with the following!


Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron. Oh my Heck! Isn’t it just too cute?! A Flat Iron that’s all pattered like a Giraffe, no I was not expecting this at all!100_2464

Thermal Shine spray to help your hair while you are flat ironing it, very cool and I did indeed go ahead and use this.100_2465

Some awesome Macadamia oil Rejuvenating Shampoo to help your hair from all the damage doing stuff with heat and all that can do.


A stand to put my flat iron in while I was using it and while it cooled. Awesome and much needed so it didn’t just fall off the edge of the sink or be in the way.

Now then, I have kinda wavy hair that depends on the day what it wants to be like. When I was younger I had straight hair and there are really times I absolutely miss having it.

I’ve wondered off and on what it’d be like to use a flat iron, and I’ve never used one before. I was a little afraid that I’d do one of those utter fails and burn off a chunk of my hair or something because it’s bleached and dyed, but was lucky and didn’t end up with anything like that.

Erm.. I look AWFUL in this picture. You’ll have to forgive me, I’ve been so exhausted lately.

Anyway, above you can see my hair, half of it is up in a pig tail, and the other half is down just so you can see what it’s like in the two different ways I tend to wear it. This was a rather ‘unwavy’ day in the grand scheme of things. But this is my before picture and… yeah.


So this flat iron can go allll the way up to 450* F…. but I didn’t want to risk the full out heat on bleached and dyed hair, so I just went for 250* and hoped for the best as I went along. I read the instructions (not something I remember to do all the time… heh..) and just went through my hair slowly, but not too slowly as to fail and burn off a chunk like I was worried about.

Honestly I think my hair came out pretty good!


See! I even managed a small smile for you all in this picture. 😉

I was surprised how easy it was to actually get my hair straight again! This iron is cute, and just the right size at 1″ for me to use and feel comfortable with. Sure it took a bit of time because my hair is a bit thicker now that I do things to it (not sure how that works, but my hair used to be hard as heck to do anything with!) but I really liked the results and see myself using this over and over when I want my hair straight instead of wavy!

What do you think? Do you prefer my hair wavy or straightened?


Disclaimer: I received the above products to review from Flat Iron Experts as mentioned above. All opinions are my own and my vary from your own. No further compensation was received for this posting.


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