Turkey Tuesday #2

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I can never really help myself from stopping the car to take whatever picture of these guys and.. gals I’m sure, that I really can. I also can’t resist trying to do “Turkey-speak” at them when they’re walking along making all sorts of little turkey noises. They’re adorable!

Yes, I do realize that I can be insanely dorky. Then again, the kids love them too. Once I have a power cord for Lappy (yes, my laptop  is named Lappy), I want to upload the video of the Turkey’s after they’d landed in our small back yard, I think you can even hear the sound of them running over the roof in the video. Or at the very least the excitement Lisi and I have in having it happen. Hehe. *ahem*

Today, I am feeling a bit like this:

'Runny says it's nap time.

Okay, not TOO terribly like that. Still a bit, but I think Aruun has the right idea here. Sometimes, it’s just time to go plop in bed, sprawl out a lil, and take a nap. @_@ I plan to get a good bit of rest over my spring bread, as well as work my butt off on my final dance (in which we have to make up a routine for a song of our choice in some genre we’ve learned about!), as well as for my final paper project for Soc… and… whatever Hist requires. Though I think that’s nothing more than another essay or something. Blerg.

Today’s weather has been… very SPRING. At least our spring. We woke to snow (seriously, ugghh!), while it was super windy, then we got some sun, then more wind, then hail, rain, hail, snow, somewhat sunny, more rain, lots of wind, then more rain. Hmmm, I can’t wait until summer. @_@

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