Paypal Cash Giveaway, blogger sign-ups!

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This is a great way to get followers, and it’s fun too! This is a low-cost giveaway to enter at only $2.50 for two links! With $1 each link after that.

Need more followers? Why not co-host a giveaway? Giveaways are a great way to gain more followers. Sign up today to co-host the Uncreative Mommy and Unorganized Mommy of 3 Paypal Cash Giveaway. $2.50 gets you a Facebook link and a Twitter link. But don’t fret, 3 additional links can be purchased for $1 each. So don’t forget your RSS, Email Subscriptions, G+ and more.

Giveaway will be held from February 10, 2012 until February 17, 2012
Deadline to co-host is February 7, 2012

Grand Prize is a Paypal Cash prize that will be determined after all sign ups are completed.

To join this giveaway, fill out this form

Payments must be made by February 10, 2012 in order to be able to participate. Send paypal payment of $2.50 + additional $1 each for extra links as a gift to

All participants are required to post about the sign up and the giveaway once it is started.

So whacha waiting for? Sign up and have fun co-hosting a giveaway! 😀

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